He did it!

I found out yesterday, that on Monday 8/18/2008, while I was at work and it was a beautiful, mild, late summer day outside and just over five months since his surgery my Dad rode his motorcycle.  45 miles.  I’m sure there are many more to come.

This was his pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, the goal he set for himself to motivate him through his recovery.  And he did it.  I’m so proud, and happy.

All this summer we’ve been savoring these little victories:

That first trip back up to Wisconsin

Filling the bird feeders

Increasingly longer walks up and down hills without hesitation

The simple satisfaction of yard work

A family outing to the Milwaukee lakefront

Being there for a Christening and an Ordination

Attending a family reunion and reconnecting with distant cousins

Reprising the ritual visit to the State Fair

and the list goes on.  Lots of ordinary little life events that somehow seem a little more special because they almost wouldn’t have happened or wouldn’t have been the same.  Each a little victory and step closer to this goal of "getting back on the horse".

Way to go Dad!  And again to that donor, whoever you are, thank you.

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One Response to He did it!

  1. Michele says:

    I returned to school this week after a restful summer vacation.  Many of my coworkers have been asking how my summer was.  Although my trip to Hawaii was awesome, some of the moments I cherish most took place right at home- seeing Dad cut the grass, watching his head bob past my kitchen window as he was out for a walk, hearing his voice on the other end of the phone and not hearing labored breath or the familiar rhythm of his oxygen and yes, even the scent of his sweat and the flavorful language he used when the toilet he and Brian were reinstalling leaked.  Those lungs are the gift that keeps on giving in so many ways I\’d never be able to tally.  Thank you always seems so inadequate, but I\’ll reiterate- thank you to that donor!

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