Where does electricity come from?

Ben recently left me a comment that raises a great point that I’d like to respond to – with all the focus on electric vehicles and their secondary and terciary impacts, how is this better than the status quo?  My feeling is that so long as in he short term the impact is no worse, my belief is that in the long term those impacts will lessen. 

Although I haven’t blogged much about it, I am also following developments on the upstream side of the energy cycle. I’m also interested in tidal, geothermal, solar and wind generation as our long term best hopes for eventually (over decades, or centuries pehaps) forming a net-neutral global energy cycle.  What we need is a total make over the grid.  Because I’m a bit of an impatient guy, though, I’m most enamored in the part of the cycle I can get engaged with most immediately, and that happens to be in the energy consumer space.  By driving demand, I believe, the generation and supply infrastucture will follow.  That seems to be how we wound up with such an expansive petrolium-based infrastructure in the first place, so let’s just apply the same process to the electrical grid.


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