I felt the earth move under my feet

Well, actually, I heard it more than felt it…

I was awakened this morning at 4:38 a.m. to the sound of a plate rattling on the nightstand next to the bed. My first thought was that the dog must be leaning up against the nightstand and scratching.  As I peeked out with a groggy eye, I could see that the dog was nowhere near the nightstand.  Hmmm… My next action was to reach over and put my hand onto the nightstand to steady it – which had no effect – the nightstand and I were moving at the same rate.  I immediately thought "What the??? An earthquake???" I stood up then and put two hands on the nightstand – still shaking.  That’s when I realized I was hearing a low rumble like the sound of a distant train – or was I feeling it?  It was that kind of low harmonic sound where you really can’t be sure.  We live about a quarter mile from freight tracks, and we often hear the trains, so then I started concentrating on the sound more.  Was it a train? Maybe, but I didn’t think so.  They’ve never rattled the house before.  Oh well, I figured, if it’s an earthquake it would have to be a doozy and it would be all over the news.  And it was.

Ill. earthquake shakes large part of Midwest – Life- msnbc.com

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