Working on the Railroad

My grandfather-in-law worked for the Chicago & North Western railroad for most of his life.  He worked as track maintenance laborer and eventually foreman on the Wisconsin division, along what is now the Union Paciific Northwest line, as I understand.  When he was alive he would often tell stories of the hard work he and his crews performed.  One of the crowning achievements of his career was all the work they did to move the tracks and keep the trains running uninterrupted as the the Kennedy Expressway was built.  I ride the train along this line to and from work every day, so I think about him every day and the hardships he endured and the wonderful life he made for himself, his family and others by his work on the railroad.

I was insired to jot a little note here in rememberance of Rudy when yesterday I recieved an email from a friend of mine pointing to this neat history of the building of expressways around Chicago:

Chicago & Northwestern runaround track for Northwest Expressway in 1958

As you read the story there you can see that there are hundreds, if not thousands of families with a similar bond to these feats of our infrastructure.

Here is another photo that dates to the period of the Kennedy construction:

Clybourn Station, 1959

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