So, it’s about time…

Well, as you can see from the archives of this blog, I think that I’ve done a pretty effective job of making my first foray into blogging live up (or down, I guess) to its tag line of "A whole lotta nuthin’ ".  Well, I guess this blogging thing really isn’t just a fad, and won’t be going away so I had better start taking it seriously…

And so to begin, I thought I’d start by pointing out those associates of mine who are quite a bit more interesting than me, and have inspired me to jump in though their contributions to the blogosphere.

First up is Keith Richie.  Keith is what I would call a modern Renaissance man.  I first got to know him via email collaboration while at work.  Check out his music projects here: Home – indieOpolis – and his work projects here: Krichie – That SharePoint Guy.

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One Response to So, it’s about time…

  1. Keith says:

    Alright Larry!!! Whoo Hoo!

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